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Drummer Joonas Riippa (b. 1977) studied in the Conservatory of Middle Ostrobothnia in Kokkola in 1990's and started at the jazz department of Sibelius Academy in fall 1999. When Riippa was still living in Kokkola, he played in the quartet of Sid Hille and when he moved to Helsinki he was quickly playing also in singer Jenny Robson's band. In November 2003 Riippa also performed at the UMO Young Soloists concert.

Warp!, the band formed by Riippa, singer Eeppi Ursin and pianist Aki Rissanen, was born in 2003 as well. Trio won the Finnish event of Young Nordic Jazz Comets competition and did a tour in Finland in March 2003 organized by the Jazz Federation. 

Riippa is known as an energetic musician who knows both traditional jazz and free improvisation. A good example of the latter is the duo formed with trumpetist Verneri Pohjola, as well as the quartet of Pohjola, that has been extremely successful both in Finland and internationally. In recent years Riippa has also performed with Mikko Innanen Innkvisitio, Innanen's PLOP-trio and the quartet of Markus Holkko. He also plays in the trios of pianist Joonas Haavisto and saxophonist Joonatan Rautio.