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Own albums

cover Neutral Terrain 2011 Jaskaa
cover Trane Ear 2008 Rockadillo Records

Albums where playing

cover Follow the Dark Money Dalindèo 2020 KHY Suomen musiikki
cover Outer Space Takes - Unheard Journey 2002-2008 Astro Can Caravan 2019 Karkia Mistika Records
cover Discoveries Manuel Dunkel 2019 Eclipse Music
cover Berlin 27.10.17 (Live) Bowman Trio
Jaska Lukkarinen Trio
Black Motor
2018 We Jazz Records
cover Janne Was Here Janne Huttunen 2018 Hut-Tune
cover Jay Kortehisto Juha "Jay" Kortehisto 2018 Omakustanne
cover L’Alliance Takalo L'Alliance Takalo
Arttu Takalo
2017 Rockadillo Records
cover Origami Jaska Lukkarinen Trio 2017 We Jazz Records
cover Almost American Standards Kalevi Louhivuori Quintet 2016 Cam Jazz
cover Slavic Souls Dalindèo 2016 KHY Suomen musiikki
cover Characters Riitta Paakki Trio 2015 Jaskaa
cover Urban Griot NYConnection 2014 Jaskaa
cover Kallio Dalindèo 2013 KHY Suomen musiikki
cover Jukka Eskola Orquesta Bossa Jukka Eskola Orquesta Bossa 2013 Schema Records
cover Burnaa Ricky-Tick Big Band
Julkinen Sana
2013 Sony Music
cover The North Wind Kari Antila ”The North Wind Quintet” 2013 Seventh String Music
cover Party of Four NYConnection 2012 Jaskaa
cover Neutral Terrain Jaska Lukkarinen Trio
Jaska Lukkarinen
2011 Jaskaa
cover Ricky-Tick Big Band Ricky-Tick Big Band 2010 Ricky-Tick Records
cover Open Case Jarno Kukkonen 2010 SIBArecords
cover Almost Eatable Korma 2010 Texicalli Records Oy
cover True Lines Peter Engberg 2010 Impossible Music
cover Soundtrack For The Sound Eye Dalindèo 2010 Ricky-Tick Records
cover Tube Factory: Listen! Pekka Pylkkänen 2009 Lumino Records
cover Trane Ear Jaska Lukkarinen Trio
Jaska Lukkarinen
2008 Rockadillo Records
cover Present & Absent Jarno Kukkonen 2007 Kuru Records
cover Open Scenes Dalindèo 2006 Ricky-Tick Records
cover March of the Alpha Males Ilmiliekki Quartet 2004 TUM Records