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Iiro Rantala

pianist/ composer/ teacher

Kuva/ Photo: Maarit Kytöharju


Iiro Rantala (b. 1970) is a pianist, a composer, one of the forming members of Trio Töykeät and probably Finland's best known jazz musician internationally. Rantala is also known for his compositions for musicals and the tv-shows he has been hosting. In addition Rantala has composed music for films, television and theatre plays, like for the Risto Räppääjä -musicals and -films. In 2011 the first solo album of Rantala, Lost Heroes, was released that Rantala presented on a world tour in 2011. The second solo album of Rantala, My History of Jazz, was released in 2012.

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Own albums

cover My Working Class Hero 2015 ACT Music
cover Anyone WIth A Heart 2014 ACT Music
cover My History of Jazz 2012 ACT Music
cover Lost Heroes 2011 ACT Music
cover It Takes Two to Tango 2015 ACT Music
cover Elmo 2008 Rockadillo Records