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Own albums

cover Hyperreal 2023 Edition Records
cover Beautiful Anxiety 2009 KSJAZZ
cover La Lumière noire 2007 Ilma Records
cover Art in Motion 2019 Edition Records
cover Another North 2017 Edition Records
cover Amorandom 2016 Edition Records
cover Aleatoric 2013 Eclipse Music
cover Semplice 2008 Alba Records

Albums where playing

cover Hyperreal Aki Rissanen 2023 Edition Records
cover Ruma Elektro GT
Karri "Paleface" Miettinen
2021 Eclipse Music
cover Art in Motion Aki Rissanen Trio
Aki Rissanen
2019 Edition Records
cover Jori Huhtala 3 Jori Huhtala 3 2018 Fredriksson Music
cover Another North Aki Rissanen Trio
Aki Rissanen
2017 Edition Records
cover Move On Jussi Lehtonen Band
Jussi Lehtonen
2017 Svart Records
cover Amorandom Aki Rissanen Trio
Aki Rissanen
2016 Edition Records
cover Bullhorn Verneri Pohjola Quartet
Verneri Pohjola
2015 Edition Records
cover The Wide Open Suite & Noises at Sea Liberty Ship 2015 Eclipse Music
cover Jori Huhtala 5 Jori Huhtala 5 2015 Fredriksson Music
cover Mikko Hassinen Elektro GT Elektro GT 2014 Texicalli Records Oy
cover Aki Rissanen // Jussi Lehtonen with Dave Liebman Aki Rissanen // Jussi Lehtonen Quartet with Dave Liebman 2014 Ozella Music
cover Aleatoric Aki Rissanen
Markku Ounaskari
Robin Verheyen
2013 Eclipse Music
cover Approaching Liberty Ship 2013 Eclipse Music
cover Ancient History Verneri Pohjola Quartet 2012 ACT Music
cover Bad Jazz Fredator
Jussi Fredriksson
2010 KHY Suomen musiikki
cover Röd/Blå Pekka Tuppurainen 2010 Ilma Records
cover Beautiful Anxiety Aki Rissanen 2009 KSJAZZ
cover Aurora Verneri Pohjola 2009 Texicalli Records Oy
cover Firstborn Jussi Lehtonen 2009 Texicalli Records Oy
cover DiSiSiD Sid Hille 2009 SatnaMusic
cover Semplice Aki Rissanen
Robin Verheyen
2008 Alba Records
cover Leisure Music Reactor-5 2008 KHY Suomen musiikki
cover La Lumière noire Aki Rissanen 2007 Ilma Records
cover Hub Up Jukka Eskola Quintet 2006 Stride
cover One Note Stories Warp! 2005 Omakustanne
cover Violet Eeppi Ursin Band 2005 Buckshotmusic