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Njet Njet 9

Unicorn Attack


Album information

PerformerNjet Njet 9
LabelEclipse Music


After the succes in the Esko Linnavalli composition contest (the second place and the favourite of the audience 2011) keyboardist-composer Ville Kyttälä has gathered up an ensemble worth his compositions. The debut album, Unicorn Attack, was released in May 2016 by Eclipse Music.

Njet Njet 9 is a mini big band of the 2010s, and the members’ wide and cheerful relationship to the music is present in their sound.  The debut album’s rich arrangements and the joy of play paint both nostalgic and futuristic lanscapes to the listener's mind. With composer Kyttälä’s own words: “The music of Njet  Njet 9 sounds like Zappa and Zawinul were playing four-player tennis with Massive Attack at Swedish summer cottage.” The music rolls easily but reveals new layers time after time.   

The nine-piece orchestra consists of the vanguard of Finland’s professional rhythm music; members from Jazz-Emma winning band Mopo, Ricky-Tick Big Band and Teddy’s West Coasters among others.

Ville Kyttälä – electric piano, synthesizers
Martti Vesala – trumpet
Mikko Haanpää – trombone
Ville Vannemaa -alto sax & flute
Pekka Seppänen – tenor sax, flute & clarinet
Linda Fredriksson – baritone sax, alto sax, flute
Veikki Virkajärvi – guitar
Heikki Laine – bass
Eeti Nieminen -drums and electronic percussion


  1. Unicorn Attack
  2. Queens of the Night
  3. Swingers’ Club
  4. Subliminal Messages
  5. Prost!
  6. Keravians
  7. And Then I Kissed Her
  8. Death In September (feat. Stina Koistinen)