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Lucas Dann
Kadi Vija

Ugly Beauty


Album information

PerformerLucas Dann
Kadi Vija
LabelTexicalli Records Oy

Kadi Vija, Lucas Dann. 

Where recordedConservatory van Amsterdam


Ugly Beauty is a duo album by Finnish vocalist Kadi Vija and Canadian pianist Lucas Dann. 

While studying as an exchange MA student in Amsterdam in 2016, Finnish vocalist Kadi Vija met Canadian pianist Lucas Dann - the youngest son of the renowned viola player Stephen Dann - who quickly proved to be her musical soulmate. Vija and Dann's duo is a far cry from the traditional piano/voice duo where the pianist stays in the background to accompany the vocalist. Their union is perfectly equal and nothing is left between the lines.

"We share a language without saying a word. Thelonious Monk's music brings forth an intriguing expressional power in both of us."

Said of Kai Vija: "She is a refreshing, dynamic, thought-provoking, human nightingale with a sense of improvisational prowess that proves well beyond her years." - Jason Palmer


  1. Gallop's Gallop3:03
  2. Bemsha Swing3:16
  3. Monk's Mood2:53
  4. Boo Boo's Birthday2:58
  5. Ask Me Now 5:13
  6. Introspection1:31
  7. In Walked Bud3:18
  8. Work1:46
  9. Bemsha Swing - Alternate Take2:49
  10. Ugly Beauty6:07