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Mikko Pettinen Why Not

Two Suites For the Change


Album information

PerformerMikko Pettinen Why Not
LabelEclipse Music


Multi-instrumentalist Mikko Pettisen leads his Why Not -ensemble into the new decade with en epic Eclipse Music release: the double LP/CD "Two Suites For The Change". Top class players give the two thematic suites of music a wide open ambience, reflecting the topical lyrics that ponder on the current state of the world.

Mikko Pettinen (UMO Jazz Orchestra, Higher Ground Vocals) has drafted to his ensemble a trio of multi-skilled craftsmen. Joakim Berghäll (Tsuumi Sound System, Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble) on sax and other winds, Vesa Ojaniemi (UMO, Kasperi Sarikoski Nuance) on bass and Tuomas Timonen (Herd) on drums. Acoustic and electric jazz sounds meet a plethora of world music influences on this treasure box of an album.

"Straight from the heart" is the modus operandi of maestro Pettinen as he dives into topics like the dystopian future, climate change and the state of the natural world for his inspiration.


  1. The Last Changes11:22
  2. Sea in Sahara11:21
  3. Music For Royalties4:53
  4. One Finger Algorithm4:47
  5. Elegy for Trumpet & Live Electronics4:04
  6. Lennart The Lizard5:55
  7. AGED10:34
  8. The Last Fjord8:58
  9. Kolaajat (Saving The Species)9:33
  10. Oracle's Hole9:19