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Tuomas Paukku Scription

Tuomas Paukku Scription


Album information

PerformerTuomas Paukku Scription
TypeCD + digi
LabelEclipse Music
Genrejazz, fusion


Eclipse Music releases Tuomas Paukku Scription debut album on 4th May.

Formed in the spring 2016, Tuomas Paukku Scription has continued the legacy Paukku’s Finnish Swedish Description group started. The earlier albums, made with Swedes, was released November 2016 but the album release tour presented already the new Finnish ensemble. Scription’s new music makes room especially for through-composed sections and structures. 

Tuomas Paukku Scription represents the active forefront of the young Finnish jazz generation and it interprets its leader’s distinctive and climactic music with compelling fire. Scription’s music is strongly based on modern jazz impressionism and post-bop but it seeks new landscapes and dimensions boldly stretching the boundaries of the old traditions.


  1. Baselisk
  2. Trial
  3. Deviant
  4. Tides
  5. Globetrotter
  6. Opening