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Strandberg Project



Album information

PerformerStrandberg Project
LabelSeacrest Oy


The Works, a four-CD box set by Stranberg Project led by bassist Jan-Olof Stranberg, contains the band's new and partially re-mixed recordings from a period of ten years.

Creativity was mainly recorded during 2022. The album contains both studio and live recordings. The latest studio recordings were made in November 2022 with Juhani Aaltonen (Tasavallan Presidentti).

The Nordic Treatment contains material from recordings made with Paul Jackson (Herbie Hancock). Paul visited Finland a total of four times as a guest of the Strandberg Project and during these visits a lot of recordings were made. In 2022, all existing material was carefully reviewed and remixed and edited. The released album represents the fruits of the collaboration.

Made In Finland Updated represents perhaps the most progressive side of the Strandberg Project, with Kimmo Pörsti on drums and as co-producer. Michael Manring, one of the world's most respected bassists, and Jenny Darren from England, with whom the group did two tours in addition to studio recordings, are also guests on the album.

Progressive Construction is Strandberg Project's band album from 2018. On the album, keyboard player Jukka Gustavson (Wigwam) also plays a significant role as a composer.


  1. Tip Toe
  2. Pain
  3. Everything You Got
  4. Symphonic Shuffle
  5. Midnight Seeks A Lonely Heart
  6. The Groove
  7. Undercover
  8. It Is What It Is (Thank You Paul)
  9. Crossover
  10. Yes, This Is It
  11. Two Sisters
  12. It’s A Journey
  13. Past and Present
  14. The Magician’s Departure
  15. Yellow
  16. Grand Canyon Of My Dreams
  17. Hahmo
  18. Behind The Curtains
  19. The Searcher’s Prelude
  20. The Searcher
  21. Under Construction
  22. Freedom and Honor
  23. Wizard Samba
  24. Busy Weekend
  25. Let's Get Started
  26. Freedom and Honor Part II
  27. Chilin
  28. Let’s Get Started Live
  29. Love Trusts
  30. The Searcher’s Departure
  31. Daughters
  32. Dominique (live)
  33. Anni (live)
  34. The Searcher’s Prelude (live)
  35. The Searcher/Good News Medley (live)
  36. Rollercoaster
  37. Awakening
  38. Going Home