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UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra
Jimi Tenor

Terra Exotica


Cover: Ronet Records

Album information

PerformerUMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra
Jimi Tenor
TypeLP, CD, digi
LabelRonet Records

Äänitetty: 17.–26.3.2021 Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki 
Tuottajat: Jimi Tenor & UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra 
Äänitys, miksaus ja masterointi: Markus Ketola
Äänitysassistentti: Ilkka Ferm 
Jakelija: Ronet Records
Kannen suunnittelu: Ronet Records

Where recordedKaapelitehdas, Helsinki


Jimi Tenor and UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra released their second joint album Terra Exotica in November 2021.

Terra Exotica was inspired by nearby forests and the seashore, Japanese film-era music, and bands like Sun Ra and Salah Ragab. All of the compositions were created in the pandemic spring of 2020, when Jimi Tenor played saxophone in his nearby woods and recorded ideas and fragments on his phone. These recordings have been used in the studio as part of the composition work. All the compositions on the album are new and written by Tenor for the UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra. The conductor is Ed Partyka.

– Among the inspirators of big band music, I could mention Sun Ra and Salah Ragab from Egypt. In addition, I have been listening to a lot of Japanese cinematic music lately, from which one can hear echoes in my compositions. The material I composed is quite exotic in the sense that old Hollywood is described exotic. In addition to these, more swing and blues influences are heard in these new compositions than in my previous works with UMO, Jimi Tenor describes.

The album was recorded at the Cable Factory in Helsinki, Finland in March 2021.

Soloist, compositions: Jimi Tenor (tsax, flutes, synthesizer)
Conductor: Ed Partyka
Saksophones & woodwinds: Jouni Järvelä, Max Zenger, Ville Vannemaa, Manuel Dunkel, Mikko Mäkinen.
Trumpets: Teemu Mattsson, Timo Paasonen, Mikko Pettinen, Tero Saarti.
Trombones: Kasperi Sarikoski, Mikko Mustonen, Pekka Laukkanen, Mikael Långbacka.
Rhythm Section: Seppo Kantonen, piano; Kaisa Mäensivu, bass; Mika Kallio, drums; Ismaila Sané, percussion.


  1. Pharos Sunsetsolo Manuel Dunkel & Kaisa Mäensivu
  2. October Storm
  3. Ghost Trainsolo Max Zenger
  4. Sala De Solsolo Timo Paasonen & Mikko Mustonen
  5. Clara Con Limón
  6. Asazukesolo Max Zenger
  7. Sun Queensolo Seppo Kantonen
  8. Yön Synkät Tunnitsolo Kasperi Sarikoski
  9. Jyrkänteelläsolo Manuel Dunkel