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Teemu Åkerblom Quartet
Teemu Åkerblom

Teemu Åkerblom Quartet


Artwork by Steven Roden

Album information

PerformerTeemu Åkerblom Quartet
Teemu Åkerblom
TypeLP + CD + digi

Recorded and mastered by Abdissa Assefa, transferred from reels direct to lacquer by Jukka-Sarapää at Timmion



The debut album of Teemu Åkerblom Quartet was released in September 2015 by Jazzaggression.

Teemu Åkerblom Quartet consists of young and talented jazz musicians: besides Teemu Åkerblom are heard drummer Mikko Arlin, saxophonist-flutist Max Zenger, tenor saxophonist Ville Vannemaa. The album also features trumpeter Verneri Pohjola and tenor saxophonist Jarno Tikka.

The band’s music is swinging and deep, modern jazz that opens trough dark tones. All compositions are composed by Åkerblom.

Teemu Åkerblom (b. 1990) is known from ensembles suchs as Aura Flow and Trio Urho. Teemu Åkerblom Quartet was founded in the beginning of 2014 and their music strongly reflects Åkerblom’s ideas of sound and introduces a mature composer with catchy compositions. The quartet’s music combines straightforward rhythmic to the interest of free expression. The atmosphere in compositions is rich in nuances and it anchors to the fiery groove of the opening song “Blue for Martin” and light progression of “Avo’s Tune”. The base tune is dark and gives Åkerblom a good starting point to exploit the saxophone driven ensemble.

The album cover features painting by Los Angeles-based multi artist Steve Roden. CD cover is Roden’s Seventh Stone artwork and vinyl cover is Fire Between Us.

Jazzaggressio Records is a label founded by Norway-born DJ Fredrik Lavik, who nowadays lives in Finland.


  1. Blues for Martin
  2. Avo’s Tune
  3. Harmaata näkyvissä
  4. Gilman’s Point
  5. October 22
  6. Dark Corners
  7. This One is for Her
  8. From Berlin