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Janne Maarala

Soi kunniaksi Luojan


Album information

PerformerJanne Maarala


Pianist Janne Maarala’s debut album “Soi kunniaksi Luojan” was recorded at Hakunila Church, Vantaa at last year’s Christmas concert. In addition to Maarala, the album features saxophonist Risto Salmi and drummer Thomas Rönnholm.

The special recording is an expression of Janne Haarala’s versatility. The album presents variations of classical music, virtuosic jazz pianism, swinging boogie-woogie together with gospel rhythms, sentimental moods and interesting arrangements.

”After I listened to the recording, in the middle of happiness and overwhelming, I realised that this is the material for my first album”, Maarala reminisces. “When we remember to ask help and are not afraid of it – and when we believe in getting help – it is available: from God, and from the world of Spirit or Soul. The terms can vary – the most important thing is to ask, believe and thank."


  1. Soi kunniaksi Luojan
  2. Gone With The Wind
  3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  4. Down By The Riverside
  5. Honeysuckle Rose
  6. Hymn To Freedom
  7. Kulkuset
  8. Jouluyö, juhlayö
  9. Valtiaamme, kunniaasi
  10. Ave Maria