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Platypus Ensemble



Album information

PerformerPlatypus Ensemble
LabelAlba Records

Sid Hille


In 2004 the Platypus Ensemble was exploring the boundaries of its conceptual approach.

Several of the pieces on ‘Satsang’ are highly structured contrapunctual compositions, while on the other hand some of the tracks are freely improvised or based on very concentrated nuclear compositional ideas and motives.

Satsang was recorded in two sessions for the Finnish Broadcast Corporation YLE.

During the first one the Platypus Ensemble performed the new live set, a five-part suite called ‘Ambiance I – V’; for the second session guitarist Teemu Viinikainen joined the band to record some new material.

‘Satsang’ is considered the most classical of the Platypus Ensemble recordings, in spite of a large part of the repertoire being freely improvised.


  1. Licht-Gestaltsäv. Sid Hille
  2. Ambience Isäv. Sid Hille
  3. Ambience IIsäv. Sid Hille
  4. Ambience IIIsäv. Sid Hille
  5. Ambience IVsäv. Sid Hille
  6. Ambience Vsäv. Sid Hille
  7. New Dancesäv. Sid Hille/ Manuel Dunkel/ Ari-Pekka Anttila/ Teppo Mäkynen
  8. When Satyamurti Got the Bluessäv. Sid Hille
  9. Ruhigsäv. Sid Hille
  10. Lágrimas De Un Angelsäv. Sid Hille
  11. The End of Somethingsäv. Sid Hille