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Sole Azul

Quasi tango


Cover art: Tiitus Petäjäniemi ; Cover design: Aarni Ylinen

Album information

PerformerSole Azul
TypeCD, digital
LabelEclipse Music

Recorded 1/2018 by Abdissa ”Mamba” Assefa in Villa Lill Kalvik, Helsinki
Mixed by Abdissa ”Mamba” Assefa in Ambience Studios, Helsinki
Mastered by Petter Ericsson in Studio Epidemic, Gothenburg
Produced and arranged by Sole Azul

Genretango / jazz


Sole Azul takes the tango from its Argentinian roots and plants it into the Nordic frozen soil. The trio, featuring the talents of accordionist Harri Kuusijärvi, Pauli Lyytinen (tenor sax) and Eero Tikkanen (bass), takes a jazz-influenced improvisational approach to the fiery passion of the tango.

The trio's debut Quasi Tango (released by Eclipse Music) features original compositions from Harri Kuusijärvi, Eero Tikkanen, Ville Vokkolaisen and a new version of the evergreen Finnish tango "Lapin Tango" by Unto Monosen.

In a way Quasi Tango is also a musical documentary of how the band itself came to be. Harri Kuusijärvi tells the story like this:
”It was a strange sum of coincidences. I was traveling through Argentina playing tango shows in March of 2017. At the city of Azul I was robbed and lost all my instruments. I managed to complete the remaining shows in Buenos Aires by borrowing an electric piano. After returning home to Finland I had no accordion and no gigs, so I played piano at home while also reading topical poems written by Jaakko Laitinen. I went down that rabbit hole for a few weeks and ended up composing tango songs inspired by what had happened and Jaakko's poems. These songs form the basis of this album.

Things developed further when I got a call my home town Pello (a small town in Finnish Lapland) to play at a local summer event. I asked Pauli and Eero to come and play. We ended up staying in Lapland for a week, made some new songs and arranged my songs to fit the newly born trio."

Harri Kuusijärvi is one of the most unique voices in modern accordion music. He has premiered several contemporary art music pieces, performed with some of the top popular acts in Finland and received much critical acclaim with his various prog rock, jazz and world music projects.

In addition to receiving the Ted Curson Memorial Award at the 2017 edition of the Pori Jazz Festival composer and saxophonist Pauli Lyytinen is best known for his works with groups like Elifantree, Pauli Lyytinen Machinery, Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri, Equally Stupid and Raoul Björkenheim eCsTaSy. He is one of the most highly respected members of his generation of Finnish jazz musicians.

Eero Tikkanen is one of the most sought after bass players in Finland and best known for groups like Mopo, Mikko Innanen 10+ ja Joose Keskitalo.


  1. HetkinenHarri Kuusjärvi
  2. Alaovella Harri Kuusjärvi
  3. On haaveet haaveitaHarri Kuusjärvi
  4. Ne muut Eero Tikkanen
  5. Umay?Ville Vokkolainen
  6. Azulin iltapäivä Harri Kuusjärvi
  7. Koska pasahtaaHarri Kuusjärvi
  8. Mielen lauluHarri Kuusjärvi
  9. Sole tangoHarri Kuusjärvi
  10. Lapin tango Unto Mononen