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Jan-Olof Strandberg

Progressive construction


Cover art: Kimmo Heikkilä

Album information

PerformerJan-Olof Strandberg
LabelSeacrest Oy

Produced: Jan-Olof Strandberg & Sami Virtanen 
Recorded: Sami Virtanen at SV Studios, Pete Asiala at Ambience Studios, Tatu Turpeinen at Sellosali Concert Hall and S.T Studio
Photography: Per-Olof Strandberg
Mixing: Sami Virtanen & Tatu Turpeinen (Lets Get Started Live & Busy Weekend)
Mastering: by Tatu Turpeinen
Cover art: Kimmo Heikkilä
Layout design: Kimmo Heikkilä


Seacrest Oy label released the Progressive Construction on 6th August 2018. It's the ninth album from the Strandberg Project.

Strandberg Project, formed in 1995 along their debut At The Music Box, released their ninth album, Progressive Construction, in August 2018. The band has released its eight earlier albums with variable ensembles but one of the founding members, guitarist Sami Virtanen, has been around since the beginning.

Inspiration for the album the band has drawn from 1970s progressive music from bands such as Emerson Lake & Palmer, Rush and Wigwam without forgetting funk and jazz. The band’s music is tightly in present and their own sound can be heard clearly on the new album.

The idea of Strandberg Project has been to invite musicians and friends from all around the world to join forces and create new, interesting music together and get fresh viewpoints to compositions.


  1. The Searcher’s PreludeGustavson
  2. The SearcherStrandberg
  3. Under ConstructionStrandberg
  4. Freedom and HonorGustavson
  5. Wizard SambaVirtanen
  6. Busy WeekendStrandberg & Zenger
  7. Let’s Get Started Strandberg
  8. Freedom And Honour – Part II Gustavson
  9. ChilinVirtanen
  10. Let’s Get Started – liveStrandberg
  11. Love Trusts Gustavson
  12. The Searcher’s DepartureGustavson