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Platypus Ensemble



Suunnittelu/ Design: D O G, Kuvat/ Photography: Tomi Hirvinen

Album information

PerformerPlatypus Ensemble

Sid Hille

Where recordedYLE M1 Studio, Helsinki & Kallio-Kuninkala Studios, Järvenpää, Finland & Groove, Antwerp, Belgium


Platypus is the first recording from The Platypus Ensemble.

Sid Hille’s breakthrough recording got excellent reviews and established the Platypus Ensemble as one of Finland’s leading chamber jazz ensembles.

Manuel Dunkel on saxophone, Hille on piano, Ape Anttila on bass and Markus Ketola on drums are joined by various guests amongst which were guitarist Jarmo Saari, singer Herman van Doorn, and Mark Scholten on baritone sax and bass clarinet.

Exquisite compositions are demonstrating Hille’s urge to find his own niche between jazz and contemporary music. With freely improvised shorter interludes between the long compositions the recording is a good example of wholeness.

The listener embarks on a journey at the beginning of the record and will not be the same having completed it.


  1. Playpus Hits The Big Timesäv. Sid Hille
  2. Stalk (Interlude I)säv. Sid Hille
  3. Conversations In The Ditchsäv. Sid Hille
  4. Hither (Interlude II)säv. Sid Hille, Ari-Pekka Anttila, Manuel Dunkel, Markus Ketola
  5. Dropssäv. Sid Hille
  6. Geta (Interlude III)säv. Van Doorn, Maas, Van Doorn
  7. Uandasäv. Sid Hille
  8. Silencesäv. Sid Hille, Ari-Pekka Anttila, Manuel Dunkel, Markus Ketola
  9. Ancient Pondsäv. Sid Hille
  10. Tropic Topicsäv. Manuel Dunkel
  11. Time Continuumsäv. Sid Hille
  12. Conversations (Reprise)säv. Sid Hille