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Aili Ikonen

Piirrä minut


Album information

PerformerAili Ikonen
LabelGroovy Records


Piirrä minut is the second solo album from Aili Ikonen, one of the most distinguished vocalists in Finland.

Piirrä minut, released by Groovy Records, presents more emotional and personal side of her repertoire: stories of fleeting moments, sleepless nights, passionate thirst and colors stirred into water. The album consists of Ikonen’s new compositions and lyrics written by her.

The album features top musicians of Finnish jazz; bassist Mikko Pellinen, trumpeter Janne Toivonen, saxophonist-flutist William Suvanne, pianist Tuomas J. Turunen and drummer Mikko Arlin. In addition to the swinging band, string quartet lead by versatile violinist Maija Linkola is heard on the album, which adds a strong tone to the sound.

Piirrä minut album’s emotional pieces come close and spellbinds the audience intensively and charm with their ethereal nuances. The songs draw from the snapshots and observations describing different sides of life: the heart bursting with silent happiness, the yearning of happy unconcern of youth, the freefall and the soul filled with love. Piirrä minut is a step towards a new, bolder course on Ikonen’s career.

– On this album my own handprint and vision as a songwriter is heard perhaps stronger than ever before, Ikonen comments her new release. – I have long dreamt of having a string quartet on my album and now the dream came true.

Aili Ikonen, vocals, viulin (6)
Janne Toivonen, trumpet ja flugelhorn
William Suvanne, saxophones, flute and clarinet
Tuomas J. Turunen, piano
Mikko Pellinen, double bass
Mikko Arlin, drums and percussion 

Maija Linkola, violin (1, 5, 8)
Laura Airola, violin (1, 5, 8)
Rémi Moingeon, viola (1, 5, 8)
Riikka Lampinen, cello (1, 5 , 8)


  1. Että näkisin sinut taassäv. & san. Aili Ikonen, sov. Mikko Pellinen
  2. Piirrä minutsäv. & san. Aili Ikonen, sov. Mikko Pellinen
  3. Nuori vapaa nainensäv. & san. Aili Ikonen & Mikko Pellinen, sov. Mikko Pellinen
  4. Yölläsäv. & san. Aili Ikonen, sov. Mikko Pellinen
  5. Laulu merestäsäv. & san. Aili Ikonen, sov. Mikko Pellinen
  6. Syli säv. Aili Ikonen & Mikko Pellinen, san. Aili Ikonen, sov. Mikko Pellinen
  7. Tää ei voi odottaasäv. & san. Aili Ikonen, sov. Mikko Pellinen
  8. Katselen taivaaltasäv. & san. Aili Ikonen, sov. Mikko Pellinen
  9. Armaallesäv. san. Aili Ikonen, sov. Aili Ikonen