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Pope Puolitaival Nordic4
Petri "Pope" Puolitaival

Northern Resonance



Petri “Pope” Puolitaival released his debut album Northern Resonance with Pope Puolitaival Nordic4 on August 2019.

Northern Resonance reflects the Nordic mindscape. Its eight compositions are set to different areas of Finland and they form a storytelling entity based on Puolitaival’s personal experiences. The pieces conjure cinematic atmospheres and take the listener on a journey through imaginary places. Strong melodies and traditional sound are naturally combined with free improvisation and Puolitaival’s unpolished, electrically modified saxophone sound. The interpretations draw from jazz but reach over musical genre boundaries.


  1. Small Town ChurchPope Puolitaival
  2. Oulu Trilogy Part I (North Rising) feat. Jukka EskolaPope Puolitaival
  3. Oulu Trilogy Part II (Northern Resonance)Pope Puolitaival
  4. Oulu Trilogy Part III (Serenity)Pope Puolitaival
  5. Reflections feat. Jukka EskolaPope Puolitaival
  6. Wonderland SymphonyPope Puolitaival
  7. Sonny From KaustinenPope Puolitaival
  8. From Finland with LovePope Puolitaival