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Sound & Fury

Nordic Gallery


Kannen suunnittelu/ Cover Design: Barbara Wojirsch

Album information

PerformerSound & Fury
LabelECM Records

Manfred Eicher

Where recordedSound & Fury Studio, Korkeakoski, Finland


The Penguin Guide to Jazz calls Edward Vesala "a major musical presence [who] deserves the widest possible recognition." Nordic Gallery comprises all the colours in his broad palette, from Finnish folklore to contemporary classical music, from rock to idiosyncratic jazz. The album bursts with "found sounds" from around the world and the contributions of guest players. "A highly original composer with a palette that includes harp, woodwinds, accordion and percussion, as well as more familiar jazz instruments. Vesala can write impressionist pieces of great beauty." - BBC Music Magazine


  1. Bird in The High Roomsäv. Edward Vesala
  2. Fulflandiasäv. Edward Vesala
  3. The Quay of Meditative Futuresäv. Edward Vesala
  4. Hadendassäv. Edward Vesala
  5. Unexpected Guestsäv. Edward Vesala
  6. Bluegosäv. Edward Vesala
  7. Lavander Lass Blossomsäv. Edward Vesala
  8. Streaming Below The Timesäv. Edward Vesala
  9. One-Two-Three or Four-Five-Sixsäv. Edward Vesala
  10. A Significant Look of Birch Grovesäv. Edward Vesala
  11. On the Shady Side of Fortysäv. Edward Vesala
  12. Flavor Lustsäv. Edward Vesala