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Vilkka Wahl Quintet



Album information

PerformerVilkka Wahl Quintet
LabelEclipse Music

Speedy Saarinen.

Where recordedFinnvox Studios, Helsinki


Nebula is the debut album by Vilkka Wahl Quintet. The album is composed of the leader-guitarist's original material. 

Vilkka Wahl Quintet’s album Nebula was initiated when Wahl got a scholarship for composition in 2015. The material was first introduced to the public in late 2015 when Severi Pyysalo, Teemu Åkerblom and Mikko Arlin joined Wahl to form the core of the band. In 2016, when the band was touring Finland, a Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) radio journalist got excited about the music and offered them a recording session. The idea was to make a radio tape. 

Wahl invited the New York based Slovenian saxophone player Jure Pukl to join the band for the session and the related tour. The debut album Nebula, released on Eclipse Music, is the outcome of the recording sessions. 

Wahl’s compositions have a personal, authentic sound, often perceived through stretched out forms and intense melodic development. The material draws from jazz, alt-rock and even Impressionism. The guitarist describes his composition process as a mixture of intuition and educated choices. However, Wahl's compositions allow the band members' musicality and virtuosity come to the fore. 


  1. Picket For Thomas7:21
  2. Pentapolar Disorder7:24
  3. Waltz For Mijenka6:40
  4. Crevasse9:11
  5. Die Ewige8:24
  6. Nebula6:34
  7. Four Drinks or More5:03