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Ilmiliekki Quartet
Emma Salokoski

Ligger du fortfarande i sängen!


Photo: Tero Ahonen

Album information

PerformerIlmiliekki Quartet
Emma Salokoski
TypeLP / CD / digi
LabelSvart Records

Compositions: Emma Salokoski (1., 5. & 8.), Tuomo Prättälä (2. & 4.), Verneri Pohjola (3. & 6.) & Olavi Louhivuori (7. & 9.)
Lyrics: 1. Ingrid Sjöstrand / 2. Birgitta Boucht / 3. Elmer Diktonius / 4. Bodil Lindfors / 5. Erik Blomberg / 6. Edith Södergran / 7. Alexandra Brandt / 8. Dan Andersson / 9. Sara Karolina Gadolin
Recording and mixing: Markus Bondsdorff
Mastering: Svante Forsbäck
Photography & design: Tero Ahonen
Recorded: Kallio-Kuninkala Studio & Sonic Pump Studios


The new album Ligger du fortfarande i sängen! is released by Svart Records on 2 November 2018 and it is composed of pieces written for Swedish poems.

Ligger du fortfarande i sängen!  is the second collaboration album of vocalist Emma Salokoski and jazz ensemble Ilmiliekki Quartet . Ligger du fortfarande i sängen! draws inspiration from the Swedish poetry and it includes nine new compositions written by the members for the texts Salokoski has chosen.

Ligger du fortfarande i sängen! combines melodious elements and sentimental, playful improvisation to poetry creating a great totality. Texts are written by classic poets such as Edith Södergran and Elmer Diktonius but also more present writers, whose viewpoints deals with challenges of the day.

The name of the album comes from Birgitta Boucht’s poem Du lyckligt lottade. The text aptly describes the modern life filled with endless demands, self-improvement projects and lost identities. For Emma Salokoski the poem crystallizes the message of the album, as the album was born from the thought of why do humans feel empty even they are surrounded by everything they could ever wish for. “Is the fault in our society and in our life styles? Is it because we live such an individualistic, narcistic time, separated from the communality, without anything sacred which to believe in. We only believe in ourselves and emphasizing our own speciality but disappoint time after time when it does not bring us satisfaction.”

Ligger du fortfarande i sängen! is the second recording from Emma Salokoski, trumpetist Verneri Pohjolan, pianist Tuomo Prättälän, bassist Antti Lötjösen and drummer Olavi Luohivuori. Their first album Vi sålde våra hemman (2009) was based on Swedish folk songs and was widely acclaimed. 


  1. På stigar Salokoski/Sjöstrand
  2. Du lyckligt lottadePrättälä/Boucht
  3. Allt är mitt Pohjola/Diktonius
  4. Bygg dig inga broarPrättälä/Lindfors
  5. Var inte rädd för mörkret Salokoski/Blomberg
  6. Zigenerskan Pohjola/Södergran
  7.  EgoistenLouhivuori/Brandt
  8. Spelmannen Salokoski/Andersson
  9. Ensam är jag ej merLouhivuori/Gadolin