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Aili Ikonen



Album information

PerformerAili Ikonen
TypeCD + digi
LabelGroovy Records


Aili Ikonen’s first album in Finnish, Laulan, consists of new compositions from Ikonen and bassist-composer Mikko Pellinen. Lyrics are written by Ikonen, Timo KiiskinenKanerva Pasanen and Heidi Maria Paalanen. The album and its tour feature a quintet of top-notch, young Finnish jazz musicians, which originally collaborated with Ikonen during the Tribute to Ella project.

The American classic tunes (The Great American Songbook), jazz standards and Finnish schlager tradition have been the inspiration for Aili Ikonen’s new Laulan album. Besides new compositions, it also features one cover song. The talented vocalist and swinging band create a good basis for the outstanding album. In addition to Ikonen and Pellinen, the ensemble consists of trumpeter Janne Toivonen, saxophonist-flutist William Suvanne, pianist Tuomas J. Turunen and drummer Mikko Arlin.

– I am so glad my dream of jazz album based on new Finnish compositions is finally materialized. – I am lucky to get to work with such a talented band and we are happy to share the new music with the audience.


  1. Kesälle
  2. Laulan
  3. Uskon unelmiin
  4. Haloo haloo
  5. Höyhen
  6. Raapaisit pintaa
  7. Pussi ja passi
  8. Nostat mua
  9. Sahara
  10. Beibin blues