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Hot Heros



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PerformerHot Heros
TypeLP, digi


Hannibal & Hot Heros' second album Katajainen is topical, opinionated and socially critical in its lyrics.

Combining jazz, rap, soul and funk, Hannibal & Hot Heros released their joint debut Tässä ja nyt (Monsp Records) in 2019. Since then, the nation has had to wait nearly four years before the band's second album, Katajainen, saw the light of day.

"Katajainen is a musical reflection of the Nordic welfare society, which has been at risk of being brought down for years. The long-fought rights to work, education and health exist pretty much in name only, and even though they are showcased to the rest of the world as sources of national pride, their place has been taken by the deification of money, cults of personalities and the pursuit of self-interest even at the expense of one's own ecosystem. Welcome to Katajainen's journey towards the cosmos," says Hannibal Stark, the band's vocalist.

Ville Rauhala, Sami Sippola and Janne Tuomi's Hot Heros is the behemoth of Finnish free jazz, an endless source of timeless wisdom and a cornerstone of walls of sounds. When the trio started working on the material with hip-hop legend Hannibal Stark again, the result was a great concoction of captivating sound, rhythm and rhyme. Matti Salo, a jazz/prog rock guitarist originally from Rovaniemi, has joined the orchestra's line-up.


  1. Jotain aina jää
  2. Murusia pöyältä
  3. Näin puhui Paasikivi
  4. Hänen majesteettinsa
  5. Nousen kuin Virén
  6. Tänään se alkoi
  7. Rasvattuna rattaisiin
  8. Kosmosta kohti