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Emmi U. Trio



Album information

PerformerEmmi U. Trio
LabelEclipse Music
Genrevocal jazz


Pianist Emmi Uimonen's new Emmi U. Trio released the album Junassa in March 2023.

The album builds a bridge between the Finnish acoustic singer-songwriter tradition, the spirit of the workers' songs of the past decades, and the genre that carries the album, jazz. Band leader Emmi Uimonen's compositions also include influences from Brazilian rhythm music and Finnish folk music.

The language of the lyrics is Finnish, which Uimonen feels is an exploration into a still quite wild and uncharted region.

"I am fascinated by the little-explored area which I feel is the use of the Finnish language in jazz. Using it in texts opens up a terrain where there is much to discover. This makes the experiment fun and liberating. The Finnish language naturally leads music down a completely different path than English lyrics or instrumental composition," says Uimonen.


  1. Junassa
  2. Sama tuuli puhaltaa
  3. Kysyt miksi
  4. Chorinho
  5. Hieno talo
  6. Rakkausvelka
  7. Harhailin
  8. Kuuletko mua