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Case Kämäräinen



Cover art by Casme

Album information

PerformerCase Kämäräinen
TypeCD, digi
  • Grzegorz Tarwid
  • Marek Konarski
  • Petter Asbjørnsen
  • Tomi Kämäräinen
LabelEclipse Music

Tracks 1-6 composed by Tomi Kämäräinen
Tracks 7-8 composed by Petter Asbjørnsen
Track 9 composed by Grzegorz Tarwid

Tuotanto: Tomi Kämäräinen, Grzegorz Tarwid, Petter Asbjørnsen
Äänitys: Tapio Ylinen 9/2019
Miksaus ja masterointi: Arne Martin Nybo
Kansitaide: Casme

Where recordedLatosound Studio, Tampere


Where is the piano? The second album of the quartet Case Kämäräinen, Joyride, was released in April. The new album continues the fascinating melting pot of the band’s different playing styles. The album is a collection of great coincidences from cover art to the stories behind the songs.

Tomi Kämäräinen returned to Finland in June 2019 from the hustle and bustle of Copenhagen and began composing his second album. Teaching work took time out of his own composing, and after the fall tour, an agreed-upon recording session knocked on the door. Originally, the music was composed for acoustic instruments until a misunderstanding emerged shortly before the recordings: the studio did not have an acoustic piano at all. However, this proved to be a positive turnaround. Unlike the first album, Joyride features electronic sounds and effects that fit Kämäräinen's new music perfectly.

The album got the name Joyride from just these kinds of twists and turns in the process of composing. Joyride is a very fresh collection that exudes intuition, new energy and the skillful painting of the soundscapes typical of the band, as described by Jazzrytmit magazine and Suomijazz website regarding the previous album.

Artist Casme is responsible for the album's cover art, and Kämäräinen has always admired their handmade gig posters. The abstract cubist paintings and colors seen at the MoMA in New York inspired Casme's creation for the cover.


  1. Intro
  2. Autumn Sun
  3. Cream
  4. Dumbo
  5. Healing
  6. Joyride
  7. Monkfish
  8. Sulkemisaika
  9. Septemberism