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The Five Corners Quintet

Hot Corner


Kannet/ Covers: Sanna Paananen

Album information

PerformerThe Five Corners Quintet
LabelRicky-Tick Records

Tuomas Kallio

Where recordedNuspirit Helsinki Studios, Soho Recording Studios, Soundtrack Studios


In 2005, The Five Corners Quintet from Helsinki took the international dancefloor jazz scene by storm. “Chasin’ the Jazz Gone By”, their debut for Ricky-Tick Records, proved to be both artistic and commercial success story. For once and for all, the album proved that it is possible to look back while moving forward. The touch of producer-composer Tuomas Kallio was true to the golden era of modern jazz, and his vision in updating form rahter than feeling resulted in music that is truly “postmodern jazz”, if there ever was some.

The new sound featured on “Hot Corner” could be described as leaning towards the “hot” of the album title more than the cool of their previous recorded work. Here, the impact of the live band is evident. Kallio’s compositions also move away from standard jazz into fresh new territories, where even the occasional flirts with genres such as rockabilly is to be excpected. 


  1. Hot Rodsäv. Tuomas Kallio
  2. Kerouac Days In Montanasäv. Tuomas Kallio, Mark Murphy, san. Mark Murphy
  3. Skinny Dippingsäv. Tuomas Kallio, Timo Lassy
  4. Rich In Timesäv. Tuomas Kallio, Okou, san. Okou
  5. Midnight In Triestesäv. Tuomas Kallio
  6. Come And Get Mesäv. san. Mark Murphy
  7. Interlope IIsäv. Tomi Malm
  8. Waltz Upsäv. Teppo Mäkynen
  9. Easy Diggin'säv. Tuomas Kallio
  10. Shake Itsäv. Teppo Mäkynen
  11. Habib's Habitsäv. Teppo Mäkynen