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Album information

TypeLP, CD, digi
LabelEclipse Music


Elifantree's double album Hachi was released in February 2021.

Hachi is an ambitious and large project supported by the Kone Foundation, in which sound artist Anni Elif, saxophonist Pauli Lyytinen and sound technician Joonas Saikkonen toured the world with a portable studio and recorded music in unconventional environments with eight international percussion artists.

The goal of the project was to create something really special with very unique people. The unparalleled musical journey yielded much but at the same time challenged its creators. The scope of the project is also indicated by the huge amount of material recorded. Only a small part of it all ended up on the new double album. The selection of takes and the coordination of everything was one of the most laborious parts of the whole process - it took hundreds of hours of work alone.

Two singles were released from the album. The first single Finland: Black Sheep, released in the spring of 2020, was recorded with Elifantree's standard drummer Olavi Louhivuori in Finland. In October the same year, Sweden: Gold Dust was released in collaboration with Swedish drummer Andreas Werlin, known for his phenomenal groove. Other percussion artists heard on the album are Terje Isungset (NO), Lisbeth Diers (DK), Marc Pell (UK), Julian Sartorius (CH), Yuko Oshima (FR) and Ryosuke Kiyasu (JP).


  1. Denmark: Lek
  2. Kajahdus
  3. Finland: Black Sheep
  4. Switzerland: Clockwork
  5. Norway: Mausoleum I
  6. Sweden: Gold Dust
  7. Japan: Shibuya Film Noir
  8. England: Mixtape
  9. Denmark: Fönsterrutorna
  10. France: Solace
  11. Japan: Spirit Of Shinjuku
  12. Finland: Kasi
  13. England: Burnout
  14. The Lounge
  15. England: Teatime At...
  16. England: ... Breezeblock Shed
  17. Chorale For Mormor
  18. Norway: Mausoleum II