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Good Romans
Pertti "Pepa" Päivinen

Ghost Of A Dog


Cover design: Teemu Raudaskoski

Album information

PerformerGood Romans
Pertti "Pepa" Päivinen
LabelPresence Records


Working together since 2012, Pepa Päivinen and the duo Good Romans have performed at JaZZanti concert series and Teatteri Kapsäkki amongst others. The trio describes their first collaborative recording as ”a long mental jump to no man's land, where one’s mind is free to wander”.

Pertti ’Pepa’ Päivinen (b. 1955), a broad-minded reedist whose playing is one of the cornerstones of Finnish jazz. He’s known for his work with Edward Vesala's Sound&Fury, Anthony Braxton and UMO Jazz Orchestra. Päivinen was awarded the prestigious Yrjö Jazz Award in 2000 by the Finnish Jazz Federation for his contribution to Finnish jazz music.

Good Romans, formed by Ilari Filander and Jussi Miettola, are a duo with a special focus on improvisation. Feet planted in the earth, peering to distant spaces. Their albm Open This Door, Never Look Back was released in January 201 on Finnish Explosions. In addition to working with Päivinen, the duo has shared the stage with a number of other fearless Finnish improvisers, such as Kari Ikonen, Mika Kallio and Jari Hongisto.

All compositions are by the trio. 


  1. Silent One6:15
  2. Infermezzo4:17
  3. Noisepowder6:35
  4. Small Tiger 1:11
  5. The Man Who Never Turned Back2:53
  6. Melt the Mind4:36
  7. Ghost Of A Dog1:50
  8. Leave Bleeding6:59
  9. Has No Fear2:58