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Album information

  • Jesse Ojajärvi
  • Josefiina Vannesluoma
  • Lowell Ringel
  • Mila Laine
  • Tomi Nikku

Composers: Tomi Nikku, Lowell Ringel, Josefiina Vannesluoma
Lyricist (track 6): Josefiina Vannesluoma
Sound engineering: Väinö Karjalainen
Mixing: Väinö Karjalainen and Aaron Mutchler
Mastering: Markus Kärki
Production: Lowell Ringel, Tomi Nikku & Josefiina Vannesluoma
Cover art: Elian Mikkola

Where recordedKvark Studio


Chamber jazz collective Transatlanttiset brings International dialogue to debut recording Geodesics.

Chamber jazz collective Transatlanttiset brings International dialogue to debut recording Geodesics.

Transatlanttiset, or "Transatlantic" in Finnish, is the result of a collision between Nordic and American cultures. Led by Finnish flautist & vocalist Josefiina Vannesluoma, American bassist Lowell Ringel, and Finnish trumpeter Tomi Nikku, this chamber jazz ensemble combines high levels of artistry with close personal and musical synergy. Each of these rising stars brings their unique musical heritage to both their compositional and improvisational contributions to the ensemble. Equally important to this intriguing instrumentation are drummer Jesse Ojajärvi and cellist Mila Laine. The music moves in malleable landscapes of crossing melodies, free expression, and tight grooves, as shown in their latest single release "So Far Yet So Close Together", published on February 20, 2020.

Josefiina Vannesluoma (b. 1990 Turku) is a Helsinki-based flautist and vocalist who thrives with her clear and supple upper register. The first of her two featured compositions, titled "That one day" in Swedish - "Det Var En Dag'', adds Scandinavian jive on the album, while 'Her Bias' bursts into a percussion rave after a scolding spoken intro and a fiery theme. Vannesluoma's vocals can be heard on the sole lyric track "I Follow" as well as an eerie undercurrent on "Silent, Mostly" and its incendiary version "Almost Silent". Currently Vannesluoma is nominated for the 2020 Teosto Prize (Finnish Composers' Copyright Society Prize) with her vocal ensemble Signe's latest release, 'To Sappho'.

Lowell Ringel (b. 1994) is an American bassist based primarily out of Miami, Florida. His melodic and fluid approach to the bass has established him as an in-demand sideman in a wide variety of musical styles, from latin jazz to contemporary improvised music. Recent accolades as a sideman include playing bass on trumpeter Brian Lynch's multi-Grammy award winning album, "The Omni-American Song Book." Ringel's four compositions for this group focus on the juxtaposition of texture and melody, examining the preconceived boundaries that separate jazz from classical and folk music with shades of Debussy and Charlie Haden. "Almost Silent" and "Silent, Mostly" explore opposite sides of this Hadenesque folk-jazz landscape. The album's opening track "Kiitos" greets listeners with its warm textures and haunting melodies, while "So Far Yet So Close Together" is an energetic homage to South Florida and its rhythmic palette.

Finnish trumpeter Tomi Nikku (b. 1991 Imatra) brings his warm and delicate tone on trumpet and flugelhorn to Transatlanttiset's upper register. His swinging and impressionistic sounds are also heard on various innovative Finnish jazz groups as Alder Ego, Maxxxtet, Bowman Trio and the Sointi Jazz Orchestra big band. Nikku is a Jazz Major graduate of the prestigious Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. On Geodesics you can hear Nikku's writing on "Wanderer's Lament", a piece co-written by Nikku and Ringel, and "I Follow". "Wanderer's Lament" introduces an adventurous vibe offering a lot of space for the musicians to improvise on and roam together, while "I Follow" combines more traditional jazz forms and harmony with Nikku's unique melodic vocabulary.


  1. KiitosLowell Ringel
  2. So Far Yet So Close TogetherLowell Ringel
  3. Silent, MostlyLowell Ringel
  4. Wanderer's LamentTomi Nikku, Lowell Ringel
  5. Det Var en DagJosefiina Vannesluoma
  6. I FollowTomi Nikku, lyrics Josefiina Vannesluoma
  7. Her BiasJosefiina Vannesluoma
  8. Almost Silent Lowell Ringel