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Good Romans
Pertti "Pepa" Päivinen

Felix Culpa


Artwork by Teemu Raudaskoski

Album information

PerformerGood Romans
Pertti "Pepa" Päivinen
TypeCD + digi
LabelFinnish Explosions

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Markku Veijonsuo at Varistoteles Studiot, 02/2018 


Felix Culpa is the third album from Pepa Päivinen & Good Romans ensemble. 

Finnish Explosions releseas the third album by Pepa Päivinen & Good Romans on 1 August. Recorded during some of the darkest days of finnish winter, Felix Culpa (translates to "Happy fault") is a natural follow-up to its well-received precursors Ghost Of A Dog and Tadpoles. This time the trio expands their brand of lyrical spaciousness with more abrupt and spiky dimensions. The result is a lively set of improvised music made without compromises or safety nets.  

Pepa Päivinen reeds
Ilari Filander guitar
Jussi Miettola drums 

 All songs by Päivinen, Filander, Miettola 


  1. Felix Culpa I 
  2. Pahoehoe 
  3. Lighthouse 
  4. Cabin Fever 
  5. Three Portals 
  6. Knucklemen 
  7. Ghost Returning
  8. Felix Culpa II 
  9. Recitatif
  10.  Lowlands
  11.  Felix Culpa III
  12. We Are Not Alone