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Kadi Vija Key Project

Extended Powerspots


Cover © Niko Koivisto ja Janette Westergård / Teemu Mattsson 

Album information

PerformerKadi Vija Key Project
TypeLP, CD, digi
LabelFlame Jazz Records

Sävellykset ja sanat: Kadi Vija
Äänitys: Kimmo Antikainen, E-Studio
Miksaus: Kimmo Antikainen, Suomenlinnan studio
Masterointi: Jaakko Viitalähde, Virtalähde Mastering
Graafinen suunnittelu: Niko Koivisto ja Janette Westergård
Valokuvat: Teemu Mattsson 



The songs of Kadi Vija Key Project's second album Extended Powerspots take the listener on an emotional roller coaster. The band's music is honestly unadorned and the musicians' dialogue even more magical than before.

Kadi Vija Key Project is an innovative and emotional band born around the phenomenal singer-composer Kadi Vija. The exceptional instrumentation of the quartet, made up of crème de la crème of domestic jazz, creates a soft but attention-grabbing sound, which is seamlessly supported by Vija's unique vocal artistry. In the chamber music-like ensemble, Max Zenger plays bass clarinet, Tuomo Dahlblom guitar and Tuomas Timonen drums.

With the Extended Powerspots album, Vija has persistently listened to her own instincts. She has tried to give everything a second chance, even things which at first seem strange and maybe even wrong. The songs on the album are an exploration into nudity, vulnerability and attention to detail.

"As an artist, I have strengthened my own vision of how I want to express my music. More and more I experience my human voice as an instrument, and at the same time I have realized that it has its own limits, like all other instruments. I have a growing desire to try everything a bit strange and unheard of, and I notice that Tuomas, Tuomo and Max are doing the same! The songs give space and opportunities for experimentation. The boundaries have definitely and rightfully been broken with this album," says Vija.

"I'm comfortable in the background, but I'm also happy to take the limelight if the time and place are right. A strong musical identity has begun to boldly accompany me in my other projects as well, such as when I visited UMO as a soloist and in duo ensembles with Arttu Takalo and Seppo Kantonen."

“She is a refreshing, dynamic, thought-provoking, human nightingale with a sense of improvisational prowess that proves well beyond her years” – Jason Palmer


  1. Childhood Summer
  2. The Sun You Are
  3. Keskitie
  4. A Composition For My Past
  5. Running Types
  6. It's Like To Read The Baby's Mind
  7. Ketunnokka
  8. Lovesong