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Joakim Berghäll

Dialogues II


Cover art "Virtauksia" by textile artist Johanna Suonpää ; layout by Joakim Berghäll.

Album information

PerformerJoakim Berghäll
LabelBoulder Music Helsinki

Recorded & produced in Helsinki & Berlin by Joakim Berghäll, except track 9 recorded by Olli Haavisto & Joakim Berghäll in Järvenpää
Mixed by Mikko Raita, Studio Kekkonen
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck, Chartmakers

Music composed by Joakim Berghäll, arranged together with each co-musician.


Dialogues II is the second installment of Joakim Berghäll's duet album series.

"As one might imagine, the forms of expression range all over the place, and this is one time where met expectations don’t dampen the excitement of the experience.  The swirling rapture of dissonance on his duet with Markus Pesonen leads delightfully to the storybook changes of a duet with Teemu Viinikainen.  Berghäll’s tenor sax on the former accentuates the edge and his use of soprano on the latter enhances the dreamy lyricism.

The upbeat dancing motion of the duet with Jarmo Saari and rock n’ roll edge of the duet with Marzi Nyman provide nice balance with those collaborations that lead more to contemplation like Berghäll’s duets with pedal steel guitarist Olli Haavisto and the album’s closing track “Absence” with Jussi Jaakonaho.  And on an album with all kinds of lovely surprises, none resonates greater than the haunting Frisellian sound captured by the duet with Kalle Kalima.

It’s remarkable how distinct each track is one from the other while still sounding part of the same focused recording.  It’s an album overflowing with strong characteristics, but never to the point where the qualities of one eclipse those of other, subtler tones."

- Dave Sumner,, 5.5.2016


  1. Tunnel 57 – with Markus Pesonen
  2. Portraits And Landscapes – with Teemu Viinikainen
  3. Virtauksia I: Undercurrent – with Jarmo Saari
  4. Virtauksia II: Tavallinen Virtanen – with Timo Kämäräinen
  5. Virtauksia III: Vuoksi – with Marzi Nyman
  6. And Life Will Get Better And Better – with Kalle Kalima
  7. Vernissage – with Janne Halonen
  8. 8.Ronkeli – with Jukka Orma
  9. Sarastus – with Olli Haavisto
  10. Absence – with Jussi Jaakonaho