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Kari Antila

Dahill Road


Album information

PerformerKari Antila
TypeCD, digi
LabelEclipse Music

Kaikki säv. Kari Antila


Esteemed Finnish jazz guitarist and composer Kari Antila’s new album weaves together a rich tapestry of melodic journeys and rhythmic explorations.

Over a career spanning more than twenty years, Kari Antila has traveled the world from Finland to Belgium and New York, establishing himself as one of Finland's most internationally recognized jazz guitarists. Joining him on the album are our rising international jazz stars Kaisa Mäensivu and Alexi Tuomarila, as well as one of the most sought-after drummers in the Finnish jazz scene, Tuomas Timonen

Dahill Road as an album is a kind of travelogue, colored with diverse melodies and deep musical expression. Antila, who has collaborated with countless top-tier jazz musicians worldwide, showcases his extensive experience and versatile expression in his compositions.

Joining Antila on this journey is double bassist Kaisa Mäensivu, who has paved her own way in the international jazz scene. Currently residing in New York and a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, Mäensivu has received several awards and leads her own jazz quartet, Kaisa's Machine. Kaisa's skills on the double bass add a unique layer to the narratives of Dahill Road.

Pianist Alexi Tuomarila's nuanced and emotive playing brings lively and soulful energy to the project, while drummer Tuomas Timonen's rhythmic mastery ensures a splendid swing.

Dahill Road is a confluence of the experiences, musicality, and explorative journeys of these brilliant musicians. Band leader Antila's deep understanding of melodic and harmonic structures and innovative improvisation guides the ensemble on this captivating journey.


  1. For Toninho
  2. Dahill Road
  3. Moving Clouds
  4. Wild Rooster
  5. Gentle Breeze
  6. Waltz for Swan of Tuonela
  7. On My Way To Nairobi