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Juhani "Junnu" Aaltonen
Heikki Sarmanto



Taideteos/Artwork: Historical Meeting: Juhana Blomstedt, Taideteoksen kuvannut/ Artwork photographed: Jukka Mykkänen, Suunnittelu/Design: Juhani Lökst

Album information

PerformerJuhani "Junnu" Aaltonen
Heikki Sarmanto
LabelTUM Records

Petri Haussila

Where recordedNilento Studio, Gothenburg, Sweden


Conversations presents two Finnish jazz icons, Juhani Aaltonen and Heikki Sarmanto, in an extended musical conversation - an open dialogue. It is a collection of 16 improvisations either created spontaneously in the studio or by using Sarmanto´s compositions and even two standards as a launching pad - nearly two hours of improvised music altogether. Conversations is not their first duo album but it is without a doubt one of their very best, reflecting nearly five decades of shared musical history and their love for improvisation


  1. When I Was With Yousäv. Heikki Sarmanto
  2. So Much Happened...säv. Heikki Sarmanto & Juhani Aaltonen
  3. What We Cannot Imaginesäv. Heikki Sarmanto
  4. ...It Happened Todaysäv. Heikki Sarmanto & Juhani Aaltonen
  5. Le Petit Soldatsäv. Heikki Sarmanto
  6. Just Like A Dreamsäv. Heikki Sarmanto & Juhani Aaltonen
  7. You and the Night and the Musicsäv. Arthur Schwartz & Howard Dietz
  8. Evening Prayersäv. Heikki Sarmanto
  9. From Nothingsäv. Heikki Sarmanto
  10. No Work Bound Mesäv. Heikki Sarmanto
  11. Free Soulssäv. Heikki Sarmanto & Juhani Aaltonen
  12. The Sea In The Moonlightsäv. Heikki Sarmanto
  13. War Tranesäv. Heikki Sarmanto
  14. Peace Talksäv. Heikki Sarmanto & Juhani Aaltonen
  15. Alone Togethersäv. Arthur Schwartz & Howard Dietz
  16. Evening Hazesäv. Heikki Sarmanto