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Kokko Quartet

Broken Dream


Cover: Alisa Javits

Album information

PerformerKokko Quartet
TypeCD, digi
LabelEclipse Music

Kaikki sävellykset Kaisa Siirala, paitsi 5 & 7 Johanna Pitkänen

Vierailevat muusikot:
Ilkka Arola, trumpetti ja flyygelitorvi raidoilla 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7

Lotta Heiskanen, viulu raidoilla 6, 8 & 9

Ali Haithem, oud-luuttu raidalla 9

Ricardo Padilla, perkussiot raidalla 9

Äänitys/miksaus Mikael Hakkarainen
Masterointi Jarno Alho, Alho Audio Mastering
Levyn taiteellinen tuottaja Kaisa Siirala
Levynkansi Alisa Javits

Where recordedMusiikkitalon studio, Helsinki


Kokko Quartet released their third album Broken Dream in April 2022. The quartet's composition is familiar from previous records: Kaisa Siirala (saxophone and flute), Johanna Pitkänen (keyboards), Timo Tuppurainen (bass) and Risto Takala (drums).

The third album of Kokko Quartet draws conjures up landscapes from the mind the band’s of saxophonist-composer Kaisa Siirala. The compositions capture condensed moments, like the images of a quiet wind moving the leaves of a palm tree under a shimmering moon as in the album’s opening track Moon Over Mysore. The songs also combine the past and the present; In Tigris, the eternally flowing river has seen the evolution and decline of humanity. Wars have stained its water red with blood, but numerous love stories have also originated on its shores. The song Enigma, composed by pianist Johanna Pitkänen and named after the cryptographic device, presents musical riddles, which it also tries to solve itself.

Broken Dream highlights the musical influences that have inspired Siirala, the Indian Hindu tradition and the southern Carnatist tradition, as well as Arabic music. The concepts of Indian music, ragas, talas and lehras are intertwined in the composer’s own imagination. The album’s title track, Broken Dream, features elements from Ethiopian music and refers to Jim Jarmusch’s film Broken Flowers, which also features Ethiopian music.

Consisting of nine original compositions, Broken Dream continues the style characteristic of Kokko Quartet to break the musical boundaries with the power of creativity, now even more intensely than before. Visiting musicians Ilkka Arola (trumpet & grand piano), Lotta Heiskanen (violin), Ali Haithem (ud-lute) and Ricardo Padilla (percussions) also bring Middle Eastern tones and their own addition to the microtonal world of music.

"Deep, mystic and exciting!"
 - Patrick Španko,


  1. Moon Over Mysore
  2. Tigris
  3. Broken Dream
  4. Good Times
  5. Enigma
  6. Ekadasha
  7. Orientaal
  8. Taa Taa Tarekita
  9. Longa Longissima