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Joona Toivanen Trio

Both Only


Cover photo: Joona Toivanen / Design: Matti Nives

Album information

PerformerJoona Toivanen Trio
TypeLP, CD, digi
LabelWe Jazz Records

Sävellykset: Joona Toivanen Trio (paitsi 2. & 4. T. Toivanen, 9. J. Toivanen) 
Tuotanto: Joona Toivanen & Matti Nives
Äänitys: Johannes Lundberg, Studio Epidemin
Miksaus ja masterointi: Petter Eriksson, Studio Folkhemmet
Kansitaiteen valokuvat: Joona Toivanen
Yhtyeen valokuvat: Juho Luukkainen
Design: Matti Nives


Joona Toivanen Trio’s Both Only is a powerful masterpiece from a band that has been playing together for a long time and is ready to shed its skin time and time again.

Joona Toivanen Trio’s Both Only is the seventh record of the ensemble formed by pianist Joona Toivanen, bassist Tapani Toivanen and drummer Olavi Louhivuori. Having played together for more than two decades, Both Only is a testament to a band that shines with their strong, contemplative melodies and songs exploring new dimensions of acoustic piano trio expression.

Although the members of the Joona Toivanen Trio, founded in 2000, currently live all over Europe - Joona in Gothenburg, Tapani in Copenhagen and Olavi in ​​Helsinki - the band has never sounded as united as on Both Only. The ensemble, which has toured around the world, presents its most cohesive work, whose melancholic songs also leave room for free improvisation. Modern compositions that paint long arcs present new tones to the minimalist acoustic expression characteristic of the band.


  1. Both Only
  2. Enlightened
  3. Acceptance
  4. Direction
  5. Faculties
  6. Of Profession
  7. In Place
  8. Except For
  9. This and This