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UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra
Linda Fredriksson

Agatha 2


Album information

PerformerUMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra
Linda Fredriksson
LabelRicky-Tick Records

Kaikki sävellykset ja sovitukset: Kerkko Koskinen

Where recordedFinnvox Studiot, kesäkuu 2022


Agatha 2 is Kerkko Koskinen's custom composition for saxophonist Linda Fredriksson and UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra.

Kerkko Koskinen’s first instrumental recording Agatha, released in 2007, received a sequel Agatha 2 in the autumn of 2022. 

When Agatha came out in 2007, it was the case of the year, “A soundtrack bigger than Kerkko Koskinen’s life,” as Helsingin Sanomat described. During the week of its release, the album jumped to the top ten of Finland’s official list and sold out its release concert at the  Helsinki Festival in a minute.

Where the first Agatha was massive and even heavy, Agatha 2 is melodic, nostalgic and longing.
– Do you know the atmosphere there is at the beach resort after the holiday season? Reminiscent of summer, sad without being anxious, composer Kerkko Koskinen describes.

– I’ve worked closely with Linda Fredriksson, and that’s why I wanted her to be a soloist on this record. Linda’s sound is uniquely intense. In addition, we think in the same way about what music and life in general are all about, says Koskinen.

– I have been listening to Kerkko’s music since I was young and it has been really inspiring to work together. To discuss the music that is already in the composition stage and, of course, to play the compositions of the author I greatly appreciate, Linda Fredriksson continues.

– Because I know both parties well, as a composer I have really diverse possibilities for expression, Koskinen sums up.

Kerkko Koskinen is a composer and musician best known as a founding member, lead character and pianist of the band Ultra Bra. After Ultra Bra, he composed and released solo records every couple of years, until in 2012 he founded Kerkko Koskinen Collective together with Manna, Vuokko Hovatta and Paula Vesala. His first concert with the symphony orchestra premiered in 2017.

Linda Fredriksson is one of Finland’s brightest saxophonists and jazz musicians. Her rich, unique and genre-friendly approach to music has also made Fredriksson the leading name in internationally recognized Finnish jazz. Fredriksson’s first solo album, Juniper, released in the autumn of 2021, has been praised as one of the best Finnish jazz records of the year and won both the Teosto Prize and the Finnish Grammy, Emma, in 2022. In addition to her solo career, Fredriksson has contributed to notorious ensembles such as Mopo, Superposition and Ricky-Tick Big Band. 


  1. Promenade
  2. Sokeana hetkenä
  3. Parade
  4. Piana
  5. Mare
  6. Notte
  7. Anime Waltz
  8. Quiberon