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Signe to play on Sunday at the EFG London Jazz Festival


Jazz Finland reported earlier in the fall about Signe's performance at the prestigious Londoner festival. The whole Nordic Jazz Comets five-band showcase at Barbican Centre has drawn the attention of the local jazz industry and also the Embassies of all the five countries are working together to highlight the upcoming Nordic bands. 

The Nordic embassies organize a reception at the Barbican Centre just before the showcase. The reception sees tens of local music professionals and their Nordic colleagues getting to know each other and some of the best new music from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmar and Iceland. 

The reception is a part of the career programme of the Nordic Jazz Comets project. This year the 31 participating musicians also take part in an industry seminar titled JazzWorks in London. In addition to panel discussions and presentations, the seminar features a targeted career-building workshop for the musicians. In the end of the day the group has a chance to hear some of the best young artists in the UK, as they attend the BBC Young Talent Final. 

Nordic Jazz Comets is a two-year project between the Nordic jazz organizations. The project is supported by Nordic Culture Point. This year's production partners are EFG London Jazz Festival and Serious Ltd.