TelepART Mobility Support for performing artists continues to expand

TelepART is an easy and quick micro-funding format, run by the Finnish Cultural Institutes, which promotes opportunities for performing artists to travel and perform internationally. The platform hopes to generate more cultural exchange opportunities between Finland and the countries affiliated to the platform.  On spring 2019 the support expands to France.


Hanko Creative Music and Sound Workshop 25. - 28.6.2018

Hanko Creative Music and Sound Workshop, June 25-28, 2018 (Town Hall, Hanko, Finland)

A workshop and masterclass of music in the beautiful seaside community of Hanko will present students to new techniques of expression and improvisation on their instruments in group playing situations.


Jazz Finland and Koko Jazz Club invite for coffee!

Jazz community coffee on Thursday the 12th of April at 3 - 5pm at Koko Jazz Club in Helsinki! On April 16, Jazz Finland opens the application for the Finnish tour productions in the spring season 2019. Before we hit the 'go' button, we'd like to take the time to present and discuss the touring system with the musicians, producers, agents, managers and the concert organizers.