Afrojazz Club goes Kilombo at Alppipuisto in July

Afrojazz Club goes Kilombo 1pm-9pm Vamos a bailar! Angata donké! Kaay fecc! Let´s dance! Swinging tunes are heard at Alppipuisto on 15 July as Afrojazz Club goes Kilombo  takes over the park. The event brings leading musicians playing African and Afro Cuban live music to the stage, among them Afrojazz Quintet and their soloist Charlotta Kerbs. 


We Jazz Records’ artists at Lonna in July

Five summer-Wednesdays on the Lonna island offer a taste of We Jazz Record’s present and forthcoming recording projects. At the stage are seen OK:KO, 3TM, Mopo, Alder Ego and Bowman Trio. The record music is provided by We Jazz’s DJ collective.