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Long-term work yields results


For the remainder of the year, Jazz Finland International follows the bands and delegates aiming to the international markets. On this week’s article the Tampere-based record label Eclipse Music reflects the relation between conferences, club activity and record sales.

Formed in 2007 Eclipse Music has established its position as one of the main publishers of jazz and progressive music in Finland. Important network events for the company are Arctic Paradise World & Jazz Event in Helsinki and Music & Media in Tampere. Eclipse Music has also regularly participated in Jazzahead Fair in Bremen.

Founder Tapio Ylinen says the goals and expectations considering Jazzahead varies from year to year. In early years the principal was to build recognition and credibility for the company. Nowadays it is easier to get straight to the point and focus more on finding new partners for distribution but also supporting and promoting showcase artists in general.

Ylinen thinks that music industry has been in turmoil for years, especially after digitization. “Even the worst left behind, the producers of marginal music are still facing big challenges. The changes have happened fast and therefore it has been difficult to plan big strategies. In these circumstances it is crucial to stand out from the mass, and we have consciously pursued this together with our artists.”

It is difficult to see direct relation between the record sales and benefits gained from participating conferences. However, Ylinen considers the established connections as groundwork for negotiations, which will later bring about new concerts and cooperation in distribution. These lead to bigger recognition and increased record sales.

Eclipse Music arranges concerts as Eclipse Jazz Club in Tampere. The club was founded to revive the jazz scene of the city and to give a long-awaited live forum for Eclipse Music’s artists among others. The effect of the club activity on streaming plays is small, but many people buy a CD from the concert.

“Many have told that they listen to the artist from the internet before the gig. But since the club is small this is only a little add to hundreds and thousands of plays. Jazz fans are very loyal to CDs and LPs and many people listen to their music in these formats rather than from the internet”, Ylinen sums up.  

Eclipse Club returns on 18th September for five to six concerts in autumn. The cancelled concert of Teemu Viinikainen III is re-scheduled for 20th November.  Others to be announced later.

Written by Sheri Toivomäki, Photo by Rudi Thomas

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