Josen Pimeä Puoli release their debut album on March 2


Without darkness there's no light. Somewhere in the borderlines of blues, jazz and noir there's the ultimate battle between José's dark stories and Pimeä Puoli's tremulous twist. Which end of the Colt will have their soul burning in the fires of Hell, the good or the evil? Josén Pimeä Puoli ("José's Dark Side") is all about the shades of grey between black and white...

Trumpeter-singer Jose Mäenpää is known for the likes of Dalindèo and Ricky-Tick Big Band. This time Mäenpää takes it to the dark side with his trio album Ihanasti kyyninen ("wonderfully cynical"). No computers were invited to the studio, while the threesome worked on the deeply emotional and even subconsciously born album. All the song were recorded live, and Mäenpää says that the method was the middle finger to all the controlled, poised expression. Let the raw and delicate humanity shine!