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Jazz program for Ääniä Festival released


Ääniä Festival is a new multi-art festival that is celebrated for the first time in Äänekoski, 26 July–1 August, 2021.

One of the cornerstones behind the ideology of Ääniä Festival is to bring together artists from different backgrounds and thus create opportunities for new artistic encounters. The festival will feature international performances from e.g. the duo Staerna, Isa Holmgren, SUPERHEAVY. and Alicia Lázaro, and domestic talent from Antti Lähdesmäki Trio, Maja Mannila Trio, UNYA, Dynamic Dynamic, Maan Tila and Aaro Laitinen Quintet.

In collaboration with other concert organizers, Ääniä will take its foreign performers to perform outside the festival as well. Ääniä goes Helsinki clubs will feature Staerna and Alicia Lázaro on Wednesday 28 July, and SUPERHEAVY. and Dynamic Dynamic on Tuesday 3 August. In Jyväskylä's Poppari SUPERHEAVY. and Alicia Lázaro will perform on Tuesday 2 August.

Additional information, schedules and more detailed presentations of the performers on the festival's website:

Photo features Maja Mannila Trio