Jazz Finland's 2018 fall tour season begins in September


Jazz Finland's own tour productions and supported tours include saxophonist Joakim Berghäll's deeply moving 'The Arctic' series, vibraphonist Arttu Takalo's Parisian-style vibes-accordion ensemble L'Alliance Takalo, saxophone and chess virtuoso William Suvanne's quirky Chess'n Jazz double bill, and vocalist Anni Elif Egecioglu's project to Edith Södergran's poetry.

Find the concerts near you and enjoy new Finnish jazz!

Berghäll-Kalima-Ikonen: The Arctic
Joakim Berghäll - baritone sax, bass clarinet
Kalle Kalima - electric guitar, guitar bass
Kari Ikonen - piano, prepared piano, Moog

The trio released their debut album in June 2018. Composer-saxophonist Berghäll's four-piece series tells a deeply moving story of ever-changing life in the Arctic. The mini-tour is a rare opportunity to experience this Nordic experience and these acclaimed musicians on stage together. The tour is supported by Jazz Finland. 

Tour dates:
12.9. Pakkahuone, Joensuu, at 7pm, tickets 15/10€
13.9. Kulttuurikellari, Savonlinna, at 7pm, tickets 15/12€
14.9. Logomo, Move 1, Turku, at 7pm, tickets 17,50€/12€, Lippu.fi
15.9. Koko Jazz Club, Helsinki, at 9pm, tickets 18€, Tiketti.fi

L'Alliance Takalo
Arttu Takalo - vibraphone
Niko Kumpuvaara - accordion
Ville Herrala - bass
Ville Pynssi - drums

Vibraphonist Arttu Takalo is best known abroad for his fantasy jazz ensemble XL. The five-piece toured extensively in the 90's and it's members have made remarkable careers in their respective fields of music. Takalo has worked with a number of Finnish jazz, rock and pop artists, composed and arranged music for classical orchestras and films. In 2000 he was appointed as the Pori Jazz Festival Artist of the Year, and in 2002 he released his first solo album. His latest band L'Alliance Takalo's self-titled album came out in September 2017 on Rockadillo Records and that makes it Takalo's ninth solo release. L'Alliance Takalo plays the soundtrack of the little stories at the decadent, yet sophisticated Parisian bistros of the past.

Tour dates:
19.9. Salo Jazz Festival Kick-Off, Hometown, at 8pm, tickets 12/5€
20.9. Koko Jazz Club, Helsinki, at 7pm, tickets 18/15€, Tiketti.fi
21.9. April Jazz Club, Espoo, Tapiola Garden, at 8pm (support act at 7pm), tickets 10€
22.9. Flame Jazz Cruise, Turku, Viking Grace, at 10pm, cruise tickets from Viking Line
25.9. Kulmajazz, Oulainen, Kinokulma, at 7pm, tickets 15€
26.9. Vanha Paloasema Bar, Oulu, at 8pm, tickets 15/10€, Ticketmaster.fi
27.9. Hygge Bro, Kuopio, at 7.30pm
28.9. Koko Jazz Club Iisalmi
29.9. Raahen teatteri, Raahe, at 7pm, tickets 15/10€
30.9. Hotelli Alma, Seinäjoki, at 4pm, tickets 10/7€

William Suvanne Chess'n Jazz
William Suvanne – saxophones
Mikael Jakobsson – piano
Varre Vartiainen – guitar
Tuure Koski – bass
Mikko Arlin – drums

Saxophonist-composer William Suvanne’s fourth album Chess’n Jazz is released this fall, and the album release concerts feature also a special element: an actual chess tournament! The audience may participate in gameplay alongside the concerts, and the winners will be rewarded with album-themes prizes. The tour is supported by Jazz Finland and the Finnish Chess Federation.

Tour dates:
25.9. Grand, Porvoo, at 7pm, tickets 17,50€, Lippu.fi
26.9. Suisto, Hämeenlinna
27.9. Koko Jazz Club, Helsinki, at 5pm, tickets 18/15€, Tiketti.fi
28.9. Philly Joe's, Tallinna, at 8pm
29.9. Laterna, Tampere, at 5pm, tickets 16,50€, Lippu.fi
30.9. Pikkuteatteri, Lahti

4.10. Vuotalo, Helsinki, at 5pm, tickets 15/12€, Lippu.fi
5.10. Kaupungintalon juhlasali, Hanko
15.10. King's Crown, Kuopio, at 8pm, tickets 20/10€
16.10. Hotelli Alma, Seinäjoki
17.10. Fondis, Vaasa
18.10. Studio Hilkka, Pori, at 7pm, tickets 15€
19.10. Logomo, Move 1, Turku, at 7pm, tickets 17,50€/13€
20.10. Kulttuurikuppila Brummi, Rauma

15.11. Poppari, Jyväskylä, at 8pm
16.11. Kulttuuritalo Virta, Imatra, at 7pm, tickets 15€, Ticketmaster.fi
23.11. April Jazz Club, Espoo, at 8pm, tickets Lippu.fi
28.11. Vanha Paloasema Bar, Oulu, at 8pm, tickets 15/10€, Ticketmaster.fi
29.11. Konservatorio, Kokkola

Anni Elif – Edith
Anni Elif Egecioglu - vocals, synth, compositions
Sigurdur Rögnvaldsson - Fender bass VI
Pauli Lyytinen - saxophone, EWI, effects, drum machine
Tuomas A. Turunen - piano, synth

Anni Elif Egecioglu is a Swedish-Turkish singer, cellist and composer based in Finland since 2008. The versatile artist is at home in a number of genres, including pop, classical and jazz and is a strong presence in many internationally recognised Finnish groups. Now she celebrates her first solo album Edith, written to the texts of one of Finland's best-known female poets, Edith Södergran. The album is a combination of ambitious compositions, futuristic soundscapes and improvisation. Anni Elif's musical language and her nuanced voice match perfectly with the visionary of Södergran's verse and the futurism and symbolism of the time.

Tour dates:
6.11. WHS Union, Helsinki, at 6pm, tickets 18/12€
7.11. Kauppi reception center, Tampere, at 7pm, free entrance!
8.11. Miekkaniemi B&B, Viitasaari, at 7pm, tickets 15€
9.11. Koko Jazz Club, Iisalmi
10.11. Pakkahuone, Joensuu, at 6pm, tickets 15/10€
14.11. Gusto RunIn, Kuopio
15.11. Vanha Paloasema Bar, Oulu, at 8pm, tickets 15/10€, Ticketmaster.fi
16.11. Flame Jazz, Café Tiljan, Turku, at 10pm, tickets 17,50€/12,50€, Ticketmaster.fi
17.11. Alandica, Maarianhamina, at 7pm