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Flame Jazz and We Jazz into the Nordic puls Program


puls is The Nordic Culture Fund's three-year music initiative for the period 2017–19, which will act as a springboard for the creation of a Nordic music network. It will also seek to bring musical experiences of high artistic quality to a wider Nordic public. Altogether 46 companies and projects were selected in the program. Jazz is represented in Finland by the Turku-based event production association Flame Jazz and Helsinki-based festival and promotion company We Jazz. 


The Nordic Culture Point's support program puls is aimed to increase the number and exposure of Nordic live music acts in the Nordic region. Over 300 concerts in the five Nordic countries are being supported by the grant in year 2018.  In Finland there are 11 concert producers who have been selected in the puls group. Two of them represent jazz.

Flame Jazz is an active player in the Turku region's jazz scene. They started out by pulling off the Cultural Capital year 2012's jazz programme in Turku, and since that Flame Jazz has produced a major part of the area's jazz concerts, festivals and other events, such as the popular jazz cruises on the Baltic Sea.  

We Jazz started out as a collective of DJs, musicians and other jazz enthusiasts in the late 2000's. Since then the urban group of hearty professionals has spawn into a PR office, a record label and on top of it all, a self-titled, vibrant city festival. The fifth edition of We Jazz festival takes place in various venues in Helsinki on December 3 - 10, 2017.

The chosen puls-promoters have to attend the yearly network meetings where they can share knowledge and discuss current themes and issues in the live music scene within the Nordic Region.

The objective of the meeting is to develop puls promoters' work in the Nordic region and start up a new network between Nordic music promoters focusing on quality in concerts, development of talent and the live sector within the region.

With this network The Nordic Culture Fund wishes to facilitate the development of arenas and smaller networks to discuss the issues of live music, find common solutions and ensure the practical development of the meeting between Nordic live music and the Nordic audience.