Elifantree releases their long-awaited new Anemone album on March 9


"There was more and richer variation than in usual pop music and there was not more jazz than necessary and useful here. With lots of attractive melody, captivating rhythm and beats and total absence of pretension the trio was shining brightly", Henning Bolte, London Jazz Magazine. Tampere-based label Eclipse Music releases the 10-year old fantasy jazz trio Elifantree's new album.  


Helsinki based Elifantree delivers an experimental musical trip on the border between improvised and pop music. They make songs with a razor sharp blend of social criticism, surrealism and unique sounds dipping into ambient and electroacoustic textures that creates a sound much larger and wider than the sum of their parts. Elifantree has performed widely in Europe and beyond and has gained a strong reputation as an energetic, unrestrained and constantly surprising live act that has been compared to works of artists like David Lynch, Charlie Chaplin and Pablo Picasso. They have released three critically acclaimed albums, Love & Trees in 2010, Time Out in 2012 and Movers and Shakers in 2015 on the Tampere based label Eclipse Music. Elifantree has developed an increasingly danceable edge to their sound but the band’s original jazz background is still easy to hear upon closer inspection. The trio will release their fourth album Anemone in March 2018.

Anni Elif Egecioglu - vocals, synth
Pauli Lyytinen - saxophone, EWI, live effects, drum machine
Olavi Louhivuori - drums, percussions
Joonas Saikkonen - sound

29.03. Helsinki, Koko Jazz Club
04.04. Pori, Validi Karkia
05.04. Jyväskylä, JKL Jazz
06.04. Kuopio, Maxim-elokuvateatteri
14.04. Tampere, TTT-klubi
27.04. Espoo, April Jazz

12.03. Saksa, Berliini, Kantine am Berghain
14.03. Itävalta, Innsbruck, Treibhaus
11.04. Norja, Oslo, Nasjonal Jazzscene, Victoria
12.04. Ruotsi, Göteborg, TBA

28.06. Saksa, Fusion Festival
29.06. Italia, Südtirol Jazz Festival
30.06. Slovenia, Ljubljana Jazz Festival
04.07. Italia, Südtirol Jazz Festival

"Elifantree! What a glorious, mad, brilliant display! If jazz went mad and invented a new kind of cake, this would be it. I smiled all the way through!"
- Sound and Fury Music, UK 2016

"Many artists claim to have a 'unique sound' but Elifantree is one of the rare ones that actually do."
- Matti Nives, We Jazz 2017

“Emboldened by the improvisational spirit of rock-jazz, Elifantree are an utter headspin of a band, particularly that force-of-nature frontwoman - Anni Elif Egecioglu – who whoops and soars and occasionally does a little dance at the keyboards.”
- Si Hawkins, Clash Magazine 2016

“The experience is almost gestalt in its extremes of both power and delicacy, something of an aural hallucination.”
- Anthony Shaw, All About Jazz 2011