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Doors open to Europe


For the remainder of the year, Jazz Finland International follows the bands and delegates aiming to the international markets. The article series continues with Aurora Hentunen, who comments their upcoming tour in the Netherlands. 

Aurora Hentunen Quartet’s leader, Amsterdam-based Aurora Hentunen, is young and talented pianist-composer, whose melodies draw from the modern Nordic jazz and Skandinavian folk music. In addition to Hentunen, the quartet consists of trumpeter Joona Kilponen, bassist Veli-Matti Silanterä and drummer Ville Luukkonen. Their debut album, Second Spring, was released in April 2018. The quartet’s music has been critically acclaimed both in Finland and abroad, and this autumn the group is heading to tour in the Netherlands.The mini-tour will cover three cities, Den Haag, Delft and Groningen.

“Clubs and concerts halls both have their positive sides. We enjoy performing at clubs with good atmosphere and interested audience”, Hentunen comments venues, which will all be jazz clubs by chance.

The quartet has played together less than two years, and although there have been several inquiries to perform in the Netherlands, they have not been able to find time to do a tour abroad. Last year the band focused on making their debut album, so the first opportunity to carry out the plan was not until this autumn. For Hentunen herself touring abroad is nothing new, as she has performed in Germany and in the Netherlands earlier.

The band has booked the concerts themselves with the operators who expressed their interest earlier. Since two of four members of the band live in the Netherlands, it is easy to plan and organise the Central Europe’s tours from there. “Our last June’s radio interview with NPO’s Co Live programme also aroused the interest and opened doors towards Europe”, Hentunen says.

Nevertheless, the quartet does not intend to concentrate only on European markets as they wish to perform as much as possible and find partners also from Finland. This year they have performed quite a lot in Finland, in June they were seen at the Juuka Jatsaa jazz festival. Before heading to the Netherlands, the group can be spotted in Imatra and Turku.

“The Nordic jazz music is popular in Central Europe, which helps also our band to gain standing in there. We hope to meet people who believe in us and in our music, and who could help our quartet to get forward”, Hentunen tells. “Our dream is to continue making music on our own terms and someday earn a living with it. We wish to develop and grow as artists through our lives.”


Aurora Hentunen Quartet

10.8.2018 Bar& Cafe Kuohu, Imatra

10.9.2018 Tiirikkala, Turku

25.9.2018 September Grote Markt, Den Haag

29.9.2018 the Finnish Merimieskirkko, Rotterdam

30.9.2018 Jazz Cafe Bebop, Delft

9.10.2018 Smederij, Groningen


Written by: Sheri Toivomäki Photo by: Nichon Glerum

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