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Call for performers and producers for Jazz Finland tours in fall 2020 and Jazz-Espa festival


Jazz Finland (Suomen Jazzliitto) produces two tours and supports the production costs of two external tours in the fall of 2020. Additionally, Jazz Finland supports the annual Finnish-French Vapaat äänet tour. Application for the Jazz-Espa Festival 2020, taking place in July–August in Helsinki, can be completed with the same application form. The application is open from October 1 to November 4, 2019.

Apply for a tour produced or co-produced by Jazz Finland or to perform at the Jazz-Espa Festival 2020. Apply in English by sending the application to Please note that the application deadline is 4.11.2019.




Tour 1: August 31 - September 13, 2020 (NB! New, earlier dates!)
Tour 2: November 2 - 15, 2020
Jazz-Espa concert series on Espa open air stage in July–August 

Jazz Finland commits to organise 5 to 8 concerts by the selected band within a period of two weeks, primarily through its member associations. In case of an exceptionally large band, the minimum number of concerts might be reduced due to financial reasons. Jazz Finland will produce the tour, pay fees and per diems to the artists and sound engineers, and pay all travel, accommodation and publicity- and marketing-related costs.

You may be selected, if your band is topical in 2020 (new release, anniversary etc.), most of the band members are Finnish, and your band hasn't performed on Jazz Finland tours in 3 previous years or at Jazz-Espa festival in two years.  

NOTE! Only ONE application per applicant. If you have several bands, applying with the group that is the most active and topical will maximise your chances of becoming selected.


Dates: August - December 2020

Jazz Finland supports financially two production companies/entrepreneurs who each produce a tour of 6–8 concerts for a mostly Finniash jazz group in Finland. The selected projects have a good idea, realizable production plan and a sustainable budget.

In brief, this production model entails that Jazz Finland (Suomen Jazzliitto) will support each of the two selected producers with 50% of the total costs of the tour, up to a maximum sum of 6.000 euros (expenses stay below 12.000€). In addition, Jazz Finland provides the band with sound equipment and a tour bus (8 + 1 seats).

The co-production party can apply for financial support from the Finnish Music Foundation and other parties; however, any funding applied or received should be stated in the application form and reported later. The co-producing party will be in charge of the execution of the tour. The co-produced tours should not overlap with those produced solely by Jazz Finland (see the dates above).

NOTE! Only ONE application per applicant. If you have several bands, applying with the group that is the most active and topical will maximise your chances of becoming selected.


You may apply in Finnish by this electronic form or send an e-mail to before November 4, 2019, including the following information:

Which of the tour/concert options are you applying for?
You may apply for all, but if you choose the co-produced tours, you need to attach the company info, the production plan and budget.  Please state clearly what you are applying for in the beginning of the e-mail.

  • Jazz Finland Tour 1: August 31 - September 13, 2020
  • Jazz Finland Tour 2: November 2 - 15, 2020
  • Co-produced tours 1 & 2, August – December 2020
  • Jazz-Espa 2020, July – August, Helsinki


Your application should include the following info on bullet points.

  • Name of the applicant
  • (Company details and reg. number if applying for co-produced tours)
  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • Name of the ensemble
  • Members of the ensemble and their instruments
  • SHORT description of the ensemble (founding year, description of the music and why the ensemble is topical in 2020)
  • The most important or recent performances and releases of the ensemble (bullet points)
  • Music samples (online link/MP3 format)
  • Link to the homepages
  • When applying for co-produced tours, the application must also include a plan for the tour (tour dates and places, timetable, funding, producer etc.) and a detailed budget.

The Artistic Committee of Jazz Finland board will make the selections in November, and the selected candidates will be contacted personally in the beginning of December. All the applicants will be informed of the selection before mid-December 2019.