News -page consists of current topics and interesting articles about jazz in Finland. 


UMO begins the year with interesting solo guests

Among other great talents, UMO hosts the visit of Grammy winning vocalist Kurt Elling. Elling visited Finland in 2011 and had a sold-out concert at Savoy Theatre in Helsinki. Now there will be two concerts: Wednesday 26th February at Savoy Theatre in Helsinki and the next day, Thursday 27th February at Espoo Cultural Centre.


Kadi Quartet and Virta on a Jazz Comet tour in Finland

The Finnish YNJC representative, vocalist Kadi Vija's quartet goes on tour with the runner-up in the Finnish YNJC 2013 competition, experimental Virta trio. The tour visits six major cities in Finland in January 9 - 22. Both bands are currently working on a new album: Kadi Quartet their debut plate and Virta already their second.


We Jazz 2013 begins today

Festivaalilla nähdään paitsi lukuisia konsertteja, myös kuvataidetta ja poikkitaiteellisia esityksiä. Kluuvin gallerian jazz-aiheisessa näyttelyssä järjestetään ohjelmaa, ja myös lapset on otettu huomioon monipuolisessa, koko Helsingin keskustaan levittyvässä ohjelmistossa.


Pianist Iiro Rantala awarded with Pro Finlandia medal

The Order of the Lion of Finland awards 14 artists with Pro Finlandia honour. Musicians who receive the Pro Finlandia this year are jazz pianist-composer Iiro Rantala, singer-songwriter J. Karjalainen and opera singer Camilla Nylund-Saris.


Tribute To Ella on nine-concert tour in Finland

The fall season of the Finnish Jazz Federation tours gets its cherry on top on the long-awated Tribute To Ella tour in December. The enchantingly fresh and stylish sextet takes over their audiences with singer Aili Ikonen's nuanced vocals and leader Mikko Pellinen's clever arrangements of traditional vocal jazz classics by the likes of Duke Ellington, Cole Porter and George Gershwin.