News -page consists of current topics and interesting articles about jazz in Finland. 


Jussi Lehtonen Receives The Prestigious Yrjö Award

Jazz Finland organization awarded drummer Jussi Lehtonen with the Yrjö jazz prize on Friday 2 November at Tampere Jazz Happening. Given annually to a distinguished jazz artist, Yrjö is the most prestigious jazz award in Finland. This year the prize was an art piece entitled Ikirummutin by street artist Ines Sederholm. The Varjo-Yrjö award, granted by the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, was given to producer Raisa Siivola for their work in promoting Finnish jazz.


Tampere Jazz Happening will take place from Thursday to Sunday

The 37th annual Tampere Jazz Happening will begin this Thursday, 1st November, 2018. The opening concert of this year’s festival is provided free of charge for the audiences, and features altogether three Austrian ensembles: Mario Rom’s Interzone, Kompost 3, and Elektro Guzzi.


Turku Jazz Orchestra plays Henri Lyysaari feat. Max Zenger 4.11.

The first Sunday of November sees the premier of the first commission work of Turku Jazz Orchestra. The piece is composed by pianist-composer Henri Lyysaari, who won the Turku Jazz Orchestra composition contest in 2016. The soloist of Sunday’s concert is saxophonist and wind instrument specialist Max Zenger.


Sointi Jazz Orchestra releases new album and celebrates the 5th anniversary in November

 “Saarnaaja”, the third studio album of the Sointi Jazz Orchestra, is a homage to saxophonist and flutist Juhani “Junnu” Aaltonen. The album is released at the ensemble’s anniversary concert on Saturday 3 November. Sointi Jazz Orchestra supports the new album performing together with Aaltonen on a mini-tour covering three cities in Finland.